Monday, October 25, 2010

Skydive update


The future for skydive is unsure right now. I saw at unity forums that at last(!) unity games were approved over at Kongregate, which was good news. I completed the last few levels, polished the new features and did a full integration with Kongregates API. After a few weeks I got an email saying that they don't approve unity games at this time. Apparently they only accepted unity games for a few days. Bummer for me, so right now there is no playable version of the game anywhere. I might wait and see what happens at Kongregate before I start integrating with another site. I'll probably put it up on my site in the meantime.

While completing this game I came to realize the importance of a project model even with only one developer. There's a lot of stress involved when you develop alone, and a lot of decisions. What made this easier for me was to simplify my workflow. I do the thinking first and plan a small iteration with todo-tasks and put everything else in a backlog. Whenever I come up with new things that would be cool, I put them in the backlog and try to be diciplined to not skip ahead and do tasks that I didn't plan for. In practice I have a few different backlog documents relating to either graphics, sounds, game design or coding. Current TODO tasks is a separate document. I also try to have a clear goal of the next "release" and what features should be included.
By doing this, I maintained a feeling of being effective and not overwhelmed, which relieved a lot of stress. Before I started working like this things got very messy and I felt like I had no control or a clear vision of what I should do next. Just hammering and hammering at new things that never stopped coming.
This is very similar to SCRUM, so if you're not familiar with that, you can google it for more details.

I'm not sure how others are dealing with project management in solo projects. I would like to hear any good advice though, so feel free to comment.