Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates on the snowboard game

I've been busy working on my bands first record, so there has not been much time for the snowboard game. Now things have cooled down a bit so I started working on it again.

The next release which should be completed within a week or two will contain a social feature where you can enter slope style competitions where your facebook friends or everybody who plays the game will be your opponents. This release will not be as polished as the last, but hopefully it'll be good enough to get feedback on the changes I've made.

I'm currently working on character customization and it takes a lot more time modeling it than I thought. My plan was to just make a few dummy meshes, but it's much more fun to work when things look good so I put some extra time on it.

I completely remade the mountain, but only a few parts will be available since the rest is under construction.

People really want flips, so that will be prioritized in the next release!