Friday, April 16, 2010

Android, Iphone & IPad, Portal publishing or Do it yourself

I’ve just cut down in time at work so I can have more time for my own firm to create games, which feels really good. My boss was very understanding and it’s a big load off my shoulders. So I feel better about my work and my life. Sweet.

Now the question is just how to get paid for my games. My first thought was that of course I should aim for the Iphone platform, that’s where I got the best chances to make some bux. I’m starting to reconsider, because I don’t even own a Mac or Iphone . Personally I prefer Android for many reasons, but right now in Sweden I can’t publish to a paying market. I might aim at both in the future, but right now I’ll start with one platform and later port it if it’s worth the time. In Unity 3 coming this summer you can publish to different platforms just by changing build target, so porting (hopefully) will not be that painful. Another aspect is that I would rather develop for Windows PC or Mac where I can use fancy 3D effects. I found that Steam and Gamersgate can publish your games. I read that Steam has 25 million users which seems like a lot, but the question is how many of them are interested in indie games. I get the impression that it’s hard to get your indie game published there though it probably depends on how fun and polished the game is. I would like to know how much a good indie game might bring in over a period of a year. I’m also considering GameHouse which seems good for casual games.

I’m just starting out and I wish I had a mentor in all this. I usually read Gamasutra and Indiegames blog which is both inspiring and a good source for information. Well if you got any advice for me please send a mail or comment here so everybody can take part of your wizdom.

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