Monday, August 27, 2012

Snowboard screenshots!

I'm still working hard on completing this game, but recently I've busy working on another project as well. Anyway, here are some new screenshots. This level is still pretty empty, and not much to do, but there has been some improvemnt on the snow and general polish of the graphics.

Here's a first draft of the logo.


  1. Hey Markus,
    Great to see that you are still alive and to hear about the update. The screenshots are looking beautiful, the graphics have improved a lot and it´s nice to see how the map grows.

    Thanks for the news

    1. Aaahhhh, sorry for my misspelling of Marcus, in Germany it is mostly written with a "k" :D

  2. Hi, I just played the alpha version and I have felt that this game had a lot of potential. So I clicked on the link to this blog and when I saw the latest news, I just said... woaw ! It's crazy !

    I love snowboarding & skiing games, I always looking for new games and I think this one is the one ! :) The graphics, the environments and models are perfect ! The perfect dream for shredding in backcountry ;) Good work, I really hope that I can ride this game oneday

  3. Any news about this game ?

  4. i wanna play this game! :)) download anywhere?

  5. Plzzz give us some news about this game ! Dev seems to be abandoned, can u publish a pre-pre-pre-alpha in order to test it ! thx !

  6. Hey ! Sorry I didn't notice these comments before. Glad I have read them now though :)

    For private reasons I havn't been able to work on this game for the last 6 month, but there are some really cool things I want to show you as soon as it's presentable.

  7. I would like to enquire about buying license to 1 - 2 levels of your snowboard game. Did you finish/sell this game? Would you be interested?
    Your website details are not in use seems like and you may have found new interests...
    If so do you have other friends that make unity compatible games that you recommend I contact? Regards,